Business Organizing Projects

Is your focus lost under piles of paper in your office?  

You know you could get more done and work on important ideas if you just had time to think.  But the day flies by with dozens of interruptions and more hours wasted on less important tasks.  Instead of mental clarity you feel trapped and you lose your focus to endless piles of paper, and long lists of messages and errands to run.  We help increase your success by having more time to focus on core business issues, keep in touch with clients/prospects with ease and work in an organized office.  We share simple solutions on how to make the best use of your space, and how to deal with daily interruptions like mail, phone calls and email.  

Paper Management Project
Too much paper is a challenge in many offices.  Daily mail deliveries consisting of junk mail, bills, bank statements, etc can easily take over your desk without you noticing.  It is possible to manage your flood of paper once you’re organized and have daily habits in place.  We work together to create an organizational system that works for you!

Filing System Project 
Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Always paying late fees?  Imagine being able to locate the file you want in 60 seconds or less?  We help make your office more efficient by working with you to create a customized filing system that works.  Afterwards, you’ll have a place for your papers, a streamlined bill paying system, and it will be easy to locate computer files!

Time Management Project
Are you constantly busy day after day, but it seems that nothing gets accomplished?  Finding enough time in your day can be a job in itself!  We teach you how to find the time that is wasted, so you can start using that time to be more productive.  Think of the extra time you will have to spend on new opportunities, growing your business, or having more time to spend with your family and friends. 

Office Space Project
If the sight of your office doesn’t make you happy, you won’t want to spend any time there.  We help you make the most of your work space by getting and staying organized.  An office that is cluttered  can make you lose focus, lose time, stealing productivity, and even cause missed opportunities.  Your office should be inviting you, not making you cringe every time you go in to it.