Home Organizing Projects

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything in it, and you just don’t know where to start?  This is how most people feel about their homes when they just can’t focus on the task at hand.  Your home should be your sanctuary not a source of stress.  I can help bring that sense of peace back into your home by helping you conquer the clutter and make the most of limited space so you love your home again!

Kitchen/Pantry Project
Change the centre of your home from a dumping ground to a functional working space.  Develop a system for storing everything you need to make meal planning, cooking and cleanup a breeze.  Enjoy the time and space to spend meals together as a family!

Bedroom/Closet Project
Reclaim your bedroom as a safe haven for rest and relaxation instead of a catch-all zone for the family’s clutter.  Have easy access to all your clothes and make getting ready in the morning a snap!

Living Room/Family Room Project
Is your living room crowded?  Is it cluttered with piles here and there?  It can be tricky to make room for all the daily family activities.  By using simple strategies, organizing this room will allow everyone to have the space they need to enjoy themselves.

Kid’s bedrooms, Play Rooms Project
Wouldn’t it be great not to trip over toys?  Give them an area to call their own that is functional for all the activities that your little one needs to be creative and have fun!

Teenagers/Students Project
Many times their bedroom is their “go to” place for playing games, studying, relaxing and sleeping.  Instead of just closing the door, or constantly reminding your teenagers to clean their room, get it organized.  It will not only benefit them now, but will help them succeed in whatever goals they want to achieve in the future.

Laundry Room Project
The dirty laundry just keeps piling up, doesn’t it?  It’s time to get a system in place to make doing laundry quick and easy….you have better things to do!

Bathroom Project
Does your bathroom always look messy?  Your bathroom may not be the biggest room in your house but it’s the one of the most important ones.  Let’s take time to go through your linen closet, medicine cabinet and drawers with a creative approach to storage!

Garage, Attic or Basement Project
Find out what you have and learn how to keep things stored to make best use of your space.  Learn how to protect and maintain what is valuable to you.  Learn how to containerize and label what you want to keep effectively and with forward thinking, making room for family growth.

Home Inventory Project
Can you find your insurance papers in 60 seconds or less?  We’ll setup filing systems to manage your household papers, and organize your area so you can find what you need when you need it.  No more precious time wasted looking for bills that need to be paid or misplaced important documents!