Special Organizing Projects

Life Changes….

As sure as the seasons change, so do our lives.  Every day brings a new experience, some good, some not so much.  We all need a helping hand during these times in our lives.  Whether it’s getting organized to welcome your new addition to the family, or helping your loved one transition smoothly into a smaller home.  We can help make it easier for you to get it done with ease and time saving strategies. 

On the Move! Project
Selling your home and want to be ready to move!  Why not reduce clutter by organizing each room.  Sort, purge, and containerize items that you don’t use daily or no longer need.  Having a system for packing will make it easier to get organized in your new home. And the bonus is, you will increase the value of your home that is for sale, and may even sell it quicker and closer to your asking price!

Nursery Project
Getting organized before the big trip back home is essential to you, your baby and your family.  Saving time will be very important to you as you care for your newest addition to the family, and keep up with the household activities.  We’ll organize the nursery so it will be easy for you to change, feed, dress, so you can relax, and enjoy your baby. 

Downsizing Project
Your mom or dad may have a hard time parting with their many belongings they have spent a lifetime acquiring.  Special care is  taken and utmost respect is always shown when helping seniors move into smaller or retirement homes.  

Blending Households Project
Having trouble getting everything into one home?  You may have a relative that is moving in with you, or you have met your soul mate and want to spend the rest of your lives together.  In either case it may be time to learn easy rules to purge sensibly.  An objective third person with organizing experience might just be exactly what you need!